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{WDR BIG BAND} feat. Richard Bona - Full Concert | Leverkusener Jazztage 2015

Neben seinem melodiösen, teils hypnotisierenden Bassspiel ist sein warmer Gesang im Douala-Dialekt zu einem weiteren Markenzeichen von Richard Bona geworden. Gemeinsam mit der WDR Big Band spielt und singt er viele eigene "African Songs & Tales" auf den 36. Leverkusener Jazztagen. Die Leitung des Konzerts hat Vince Mendoza. Weiterer Gastsolist ist Rhani Krija an den Perkussions. Richard Bona does not only play the e-bass in a harmonic and hypnotic way , but also his singing in the dialect of Douala is one of his famous brand-label. Together with the {WDR Big Band} he performs at the Leverkusener Jazzfestival. Vince Mendoza conducts the {WDR Big Band}. Rhani Krija plays percussions.


Big Valses - {Brussels Jazz Orchestra}

Enregistrement Live à "DeSingel" Anvers (Be) le 28/11/15. Comp. & Arrgt. Pierre Drevet inspiré des "Valses Nobles et Sentimentales" de Maurice Ravel avec le Brussels Jazz Orchestra. Retransmission aussi sur DJazzTV. Big Valses...!! C'est la contraction de "Big Band » et de "Valses Nobles et Sentimentales ». M. Ravel fait partie de mon univers musical depuis longtemps. J’ai beaucoup étudié les partitions de sa musique pour piano, musique de chambre, orchestre et j'ai toujours été admiratif de son génie de la composition et de l’orchestration. Il donne l’impression de « colorier l’harmonie ». J'avais l'idée depuis longtemps d'écrire et de remanier ces Valses, et c'est l'écoute d'une version du « Tombeau de Couperin »,magnifiquement adaptée et arrangée par Florian Ross, pianiste de jazz et arrangeur Allemand, qui a déclenché ce projet. Les valses originales durent 15mn en 8 numéros et j'en ai fait une suite d'environ une heure pour grand orchestre de jazz. Maurice Ravel les a composées en 1911 pour le piano et orchestrées l'année suivante. Le début du XXème siècle marque l’émergence du jazz et Ravel s’en est parfois inspiré comme dans son "concerto en sol". Pourquoi donc ne pas écrire et remanier cette suite pour un grand orchestre de jazz? La décision prise, j'ai pris mon crayon et travaillé pendant six mois… C'était un rêve de réaliser un « mix croisé » entre cette musique impressionniste.


Buddy Rich Live at The Montreal Jazz Festival

Buddy and his band at the height of their popularity and influence, with seven arrangements that display not only Buddy Rich’s virtuosity but his unsurpassed musicianship, as well. Arguably the greatest jazz drummer of all time, the legendary Buddy Rich exhibited his love for music through the dedication of his life to the art. His was a career that spanned seven decades, beginning when Rich was 18 months old and continuing until his death in 1987. Immensely gifted, Rich could play with remarkable speed and dexterity despite the fact that he never received a formal lesson and refused to practice outside of his performances.


{{Ed Motta}} & {hr-Bigband} | 16.02.2017

„Koloss von Rio“ wird er genannt, und der „Spiegel“ betitelte ihn einmal liebevoll als „Rampensau“ mit im Jazz eher seltenen Entertainer-Qualitäten. Ed Motta, Sänger und Multiinstrumentalist aus Rio de Janeiro, bedient sich mit brasilianischer Leichtigkeit bei seiner Arbeit an Jazz, Funk und Pop. Am Donnerstag, 16., und Freitag, 17. Februar, lässt er sich erstmals auf ein großes Jazzensemble ein und tritt gemeinam mit der hr-Bigband im hr-Sendesaal auf.


{{Claude Bolling}} Big Band "THE VICTORY CONCERT"

Claude Bolling Big Band THE VICTORY CONCERT Paris 1994


Woody Herman Live in England 1964

[United Kingdom]…
Woody Herman is scorching one-hour concert from 1964 with the participation of one of the hottest sets themselves "Swinging Herd", including the trumpeter Bill Chase, trombonist Phil Wilson and the amazing saxophonist Sal Nistico, and drummer Jake Hanna, bassist Chuck Andrus and pianist Nat Pierce arranzherovschika . Woody and his team for the whole show, is such composition as, "Lonesome Old Town''and" After You've Gone ", as well as new original Charles Mingus" After You've Gone ".


Count Basie at Carnegie Hall

[United States (USA)]…
William James "Count" Basie (August 21, 1904 – April 26, 1984) was an American jazz pianist, organist, bandleader, and composer. His mother taught him to play the piano and he started performing in his teens. Dropping out of school, he learned to operate lights for vaudeville and to improvise accompaniment for silent films at a local movie theater in his home town of Red Bank, New Jersey. By age 16, he increasingly played jazz piano at parties, resorts and other venues. In 1924, he went to Harlem, where his performing career expanded; he toured with groups to the major jazz cities of Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City. In 1929 he joined Bennie Moten's band in Kansas City, and played with them until Moten's death in 1935. In 1935, Basie formed his own jazz orchestra, the Count Basie Orchestra, and in 1936 took them to Chicago for a long engagement and their first recording. He led the group for almost 50 years, creating innovations like the use of two "split" tenor saxophones, emphasizing the rhythm section, riffing with a big band, using arrangers to broaden their sound, and others. Many musicians came to prominence under his direction, including the tenor saxophonists Lester Young and Herschel Evans, the guitarist Freddie Green, trumpeters Buck Clayton and Harry "Sweets" Edison and singers Jimmy Rushing and Joe Williams.

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