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Beer Sheva Big Band - BBB

[Israel] South Beer Sheva

BBB - Southern Israel Big Band conducted by Haim Gafter. BBB consists of professional players as well as amateurs of all ages. The big band usually performs at the Beer Sheva Music Conservatory as well as with the international saxophonist Mr Robert Anchipolovsky.


Carmel Big Band כרמל ביג בנד

[Israel] Western Galilee Mate Asher

Established in 2009, Carmel Big Band, brings together some 20 music teachers and amateur musicians who meet on Wednesdays for rehearsals. Carmel Big Band performed in various local festivals (e.g., Haifa's Holiday of Holidays, Tel-Aviv's Jazz in the Avenue, Jaffa's Jazz Club of Hasimta Theatre, Galil-Yam Festival, etc.). Directed and managed by Menachem Grudzinski.

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